Public Workshop on November 21-st at IDIADA in conjunction to EVS27

On the 21st of November IDIADA organized in its premises the first eVADER Workshop just after the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS27) Congress in Barcelona (17-20 November 2013). The EC funded eVADER research project ( is the reference EU project investigating the interior and exterior sound scape of electric vehicles for safe operation. The project researches the scientific basis for warning vulnerable road users of nearby moving vehicles while providing means for heightening the awareness of drivers in critical situations. Based on the research results, a prototype solution will be developed and demonstrated.

After the first two years of the project, eVADER presented the achieved results in this first public workshop. Renowned international speakers in relevant engineering fields discussed the challenges related to electric vehicles and pedestrian safety and their implications on effective acoustic warning systems.
About seventy people from industry and academia enjoyed the event which included numerous technical presentations and a practical demonstration of the current technological contributions developed by eVADER, implemented on a NISSAN Leaf vehicle. The attendants were also able to hear the potential benefits that can be obtained by an external acoustic warning system implementing eVADER’s strategy.

10 presentations were held on the following topics:

The Scientific Community, the main Industrial Players and the Visually Impaired Community showed high interest in the presented results and, also, pointed out their interest in the next eVADER’s Workshop that will be held in IDIADA in September 2014.

eVADER will be presented on following conferences:

TRA 2014, Transport Research Arena 2014, 14-17 April 2014, Paris (France)
eVader Directional Acoustic Warning System for VRU
S. Boverie, M. Cour (Continental), D. Kotiadis (TNO), M. Conter, Simon Breuss (AIT)

Simulation-based design of a steerable acoustic warning device to increase (H)EV detectability and reduce urban noise pollution
B. Van Genechten (LMS), A. Berkhoff  (TNO)

Additional efficient warning sounds for electric and hybrid vehicles
E. Parizet (INSA)


FISITA 2014, World Automotive Congress 2014, 2-6 June 2014, Maastricht (Netherlands)
Special Session eVader and Electric Vehicle Warning Sound

Past conferences:

Automotive NVH, 23-24 Jan. 2012, Wiesbaden (Germany), organized by IQPC
On Warning Sounds of EVs for vulnerable road users
J.J. Garcia (Applus+IDIADA)

Acoustics 2012, 23-27 April 2012, Nantes (France)
EVADER: Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response
F. Dubois, G. Baudet (Renault) and J.-C. Chamard (PSA)

Inter-Noise 2012, 19-22 August 2012, New-York (USA)
Tyre/Road Noise at Low Speeds
M. Haider, M. Conter, R. Wehr (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)

FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, 27-30 November 2012, Beijing (China)
On Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Volume 197, 2013, pp 463-475
J.J. Garcia, Y. Blecon, M.J. Dalmau(Applus+IDIADA)

AIA-DAGA 2013 Conference on Acoustics, 18-21 March 2013, Merano (Italy)
eVader: Electrical Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response
P. Pondrom, J. Bos, H. Hanselka (TU Darmstadt),  J.J. Garcia (Applus+IDIADA)

Real-time Steerable Directional Sound Sources
A.P. Berkhoff (TNO), R. Van der Rots (University Twente)

eVader: A Perceptual Study of Three Sound Features Predicted to Increase the Ability of Pedestrians to Detect and Localize Hybrid and electric Vehicles (Quiet Cars) While Maintaining Low-Level Sound Emission
R. Robart, E. Parizet (INSA), J.-C. Chamard (PSA), K. Janssens, F. Bianciardi (LMS), J. Schlittenlacher, W. Ellermeier, P. Podrom (TU Darmstadt), J. Cockram, P. Speed-Andrews, G. Hatton (Nissan)

ICA 21st International Congress on Acoustics, 3-7 June 2013, Montreal (Canada)
Detectability and Annoyance of Warning Sounds for Electric Vehicles
E. Parizet, R. Robart (INSA), J.-C. Chamard (PSA), K. Janssens, F. Bianciardi (LMS), J. Schlittenlacher, W. Ellermeier, P. Podrom  (TU Darmstadt), J. Cockram, P. Speed-Andrews, G. Hatton (Nissan).

IQPC International Conference, Noise Optimisation EV/HEV, 25-27 September 2013,  Frankfurt (Germany),

Quiet Vehicle Audible Alert systems – a difficult challenge 

D Quinn (Nissan Technical Centre Europe)